Hello, I Must Be Going.

May 28, 2015 § Leave a comment

Barn Fall Barn Winter

I don’t need to tell you it’s been a while.

Though my Fellowship at the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center concluded almost a month ago, my heart still belongs to my cozy digs in Barn #2, pictured above in October and then again in February. One day I’ll write more about how much my time at the Work Center meant to me; until then, these photos can serve as a modest illustration of one kind of transformation.

I’ll say this for my there-and-back-again, four-states-in-four-years, my-drivers-license-is-never-current way of living: breaking one’s life into series of months spent in different places really clarifies exactly how much can happen in a short time. One’s body begins to get a sense of exactly how long a month is, and exactly what is possible in that time to build from scratch.

You can listen to me read (and over-enunciate) two pieces I built from scratch in Provincetown, and the incredible work of the other Writing Fellows, here in Shankpainter.

(The above photos are thanks to fictioneer and winter documentarian extraordinaire Cecily Scutt who, having come to the US from Australia excited to see her first snow, got more than she bargained for.)


While I was gone, the internet kept right on ticking and I forgot to tell you.

I’ve got two pieces in the Ampersand Review. One is a cut-up of a William Logan editorial in the New York Times. The other is inexplicably named after a Beatles song.

The persistently wonderful Joe Chapman and I co-wrote a list of Fantasy Fantasy Football Teams for the latest issue of 32 Poems, which you can still get yr hands on, in case you’re looking for a team name for next season.

Fantasy Teams

Speaking of Joe Chapman and fantasy teams, I’m staying steady at fourth place in our Fantasy Game of Thrones league this year, which sounds impressive until you learn that there are five of us in the league. Unless good things start coming up for Sansa and three out of four Tyrells, things aren’t looking good for ol’ Laura Eve. Or, generally, women in the GoT universe.

RS 500, masterminded by Brad Efford, is an ambitious project to pair a short piece of writing with every one of Rolling Stone‘s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. I wrote a piece for #439, Sam Cooke’s soul-melting Live at the Harlem Square Club. It was the most fun I’ve ever had thinking about middle school.


In two weeks, I’m once again Virginia-bound for my ninth summer with the Young Writers Workshop. Then, because I can’t get enough of summer camp living, immediately following YWW I’m headed to western Massachusetts to work at the Great Jewish Books summer program for teens at the Yiddish Book Center.

Until then, I’m going to appreciate every non-cafeteria food item I put in my mouth, and every bed I sleep in that isn’t a twin extra-long.


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