“[She has] no ideas but in[stead here are some] things.”

August 31, 2014 § Leave a comment

photo 1 (2)

* This is a photo of the new Timber which, holy Annie Paradis Kendra Bartell Julie Carr Eleni Sikelianos Mathias Svalina, Batman, it’s a smokin hot issue. I’ve got words in here, and on the world wide internet, along with a video in which my bookcase takes up 75% of the frame. That bookcase is 100% better than my poem(s). I’m looking at it now and it’s doing the bookcase version of nodding, which looks like standing still and holding all the books.

* This photo also features my to-do list white board. (Not pictured: all the items on my to-do list, uncrossed off. “Write blog post” is not on this list.) 

* I have a couple of poems over at The Awl, which you can read if you want to know about one of my favorite uncommonly misheard song lyrics or how skylines sometimes make me feel like a jerk

* One time, this really good Julia Cohen wrote this really good book called Collateral Light. I read it and wrote a review of it and it’s up now at Jacket2

* This book The Answer to the Riddle Is Me by David MacLean is very good and you should read it instead of my blog, Mom. 

* Recently I have been riding a lot of my bike. It’s a lovely turquoise color.


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