Summer, So Far.

June 19, 2014 § 1 Comment


“A juxtaposition of two more or less distant realities.” —Andre Breton

In Brief:

I had great time teaching a class on the surrealist image at Writer House in my wonderful hometown. I taught a riff on it here at Young Writers for our model day, tailored to our summer theme: remix. I called this surrealism-inspired version a “Dreamix.” Naturally.

Even though I’m in Virginia for the summer, Brooklyn Poets is featuring me this week as their Poet of the Week. Click to read my feelings on our recent GOP primary.

I wrote a review of Amy Lawless’s marvelous My Dead, over at Sink Review. It’s a baller issue, as anything that begins with poems by Ben Mirov generally is.

Two years ago, this time, I got an email from Timothy Donnelly telling me he liked one of my poems. Today, it’s up on the internet over at the Boston ReviewIt has trains in it. Go figure.

It’s Counselor Orientation Week at Young Writers, which is one of the longest weeks of the year, and busiest, and sweatiest, and best.


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