Things That Have Happened, Things That Are Going to Happen

March 9, 2014 § Leave a comment


Issue 7 of Barn Owl Review is ricockulous. Everyone is in it. I can’t even list them all. (Glen Shaheen! Erika Meitner! Corey Zeller! Tyler Mills! & more!) I have a folio of poems in there that happens to accidentally create a little arc wherein my brain turns into a cave.

Ed Mullany’s eerie Figures for an Apocalypse is a winter must-read. I review it over at The Collagist, which is also home to the likes of Janine Joseph’s beautiful poem, “Electromyography.”

I’ve got a lil poem up on the Bushwick Sweethearts Reading Series‘ site, which you can find by clicking on the man in the blue shirt who’s falling with his face away from you. Or you can click here. The poem makes reference to “ice milk,” the existence of which may be corroborated only in a single soft serve machine in Newcomb Dining Hall at UVa.

Some Upcoming Excitements or, Poem-related Activities in Which Some Travel Is Involved, are these:

The New Southern Voices Reading Series in Spartanburg, SC
with the totally extreme Eric Ekstrand!
Friday, March 21 @7pm

UC-Boulder MFA Reading
in which I’ll read some poems in Colorado and talk some about being a post-MFA person in the world
Saturday, March 29 @5pm (location details TBA)

But tonight: nachos forthcoming from the oven at precisely 9pm, in front of which we’ll plant ourselves to watch the True Detective finale, which may or may not make reference to this or this. Fingers crossed.


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