Food and Frames and Food in Frames.

January 15, 2014 § Leave a comment


Ever since my amazing week in Korea with Seth, I’ve been jonesing for foods wrapped inside of other foods. You can read about the actual details of my trip on Seth’s blog; all I have for you at the moment are my stateside, homemade attempts at food nostalgia.

It should be noted that these are actually Chinese pork dumplings, not Korean mandu; there’s not even a hint of kimchi in the lot of them. But I made them with dough I had leftover from a Korean noodle dish I’d attempted earlier in the week.

Dumpling Soup

My attempt at recreating the dumpling soup we get in Brooklyn Chinatown. Made with homemade chix stock, and sesame oil that was pressed right in front of me in a market in Seoul.


Tuna kim bap, a Korean breakfast staple and a delicious anytime snack. Though it looks like sushi, it has its own distinct flavor and it’s damn delicious.

I too am disturbed by this post’s lack of irony, but I’m genuinely excited about things these days, food and otherwise. The old year was kind to me on its way out, and the start of the new one’s looking pretty good too.

Happy New Year.


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