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October 27, 2013 § Leave a comment


Not that saying so is what this blog is for—what is this blog for?—but it’s been a damn solid week. I finished grading all my students’ midterms. I celebrated being done with midterms by staffing the Academy of American Poets’ Poets Forum at the New School, where I listened to a bunch of really smart people talk for free. I got creatively asked out by a dude in a bookstore who used a copy of Dating for Dummies and Maxim as props.

In the whirlwind that is the computer-box that is my life, I forgot to mention that I had some pieces come out in the very cool Timber Journal, put out by the fantastic MFAers at UC-Boulder. You can read them and more goodness if you click. There’s also a video of me reading one of the poems, which is now a thing that exists. The award for Best Supporting Bookshelf goes to the one behind me, which I tried to build all by myself and drew just a buncha blood. Always ask for help when there are two naked dudes in the IKEA drawing. By which I mean, thanks to Timber for including me.

The moral of today’s blog post is: No man is two naked dudes in an IKEA drawing.


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