This Is Probably the Only Time I’ll Ever Be Able to Do This.

July 31, 2012 § Leave a comment


For the past two months, I’ve been camp directing and taking names at the UVa Young Writers Workshop. I hope to someday write a post—since so many people read my blog—about that incredible place, and the 30th anniversary summer that (literally) blew everyone away. Suffice it to say for now that I’m exhausted, and grateful, and relieved, and exhausted to have seen the thing through from start to finish. The time I spend at YWW is probably the best thing I’ll ever do as a person in the world.

Something that happened while I was off herding teens was these killer journals arrived at my (mom’s) doorstep. I’m [gratitude words] to have some work in each. This has been a good summer for my little poems going out among humans, even as I was off living in the mountains, far away from everything.

Please go pick up copies of Crazyhorse, Pleiades, Indiana Review, The Southern Review, and Versal. You won’t be disappointed (in anything but my work). And as for that, you’ll get to know a lot about what I think of trains, boats, trash day and the economy. So basically, exactly like my blog.

And especially Versal. Get that journal. Get it. It’s out of Amsterdam and it comes wrapped in brown tissue paper tied up in twine and it’s straight up incredible. Not to mention the hit parade of writers in this thing, each contributor’s copy has an inserted mixed media art page by the editors.


The editors didn’t make my iPhone, but they probably could’ve. It’d be made of peace and sunshine.

Anyway, now that I have a spare moment, I’m going to dive into these journals like they’re students’ medical information sheets.


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