Game of Thrones Is Over So I Guess I’ve Got to Read Stuff Now.

June 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

So I recently went on a pilgrimage to this sweet little bookstore called Woodland Pattern in Milwaukee that has a ridiculous selection of poetry & poetry-related books, many of which are from smaller presses you’d be hard-pressed (WOMP!) to find anywhere other than a caffeine-addled, excessively hip table at AWP.

Naturally, I came away with zero poetry because, um, at the moment poetry & I aren’t really speaking. Instead, I got this beautiful little volume from Madras Press (who apparently will then go & distribute my well-spent $9 to a charity of one of their authors’ choosing). I’d never heard of this press, or seen these books, but they’re beautiful, simple, reasonably-priced, & the series has a really strong selection of authors to choose from. I love Kelly Link, & was so excited to find this beautiful thing & not have to wade through a sea of sad, enflanneled poets to get it.

I was also excited to discover the story itself deals primarily with moving & rabbits, two things I have been dealing with more than usual myself these days. Plus—illustrations!

Up next: I write some Game of Thrones fan fiction & try to get Madras Press to publish it. Who doesn’t want to see Gary Shteyngart take a crack at illustrating Rickon Stark, or Amy Hempel’s drawing of a dire wolf?


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