April 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

* I have a new review up at Devil’s Lake of Emily Pettit’s debut collection, Goat in the Snow, out now from Birds LLC. If you enjoy people whispering interesting things in your ear, you should go out & get this book right away.

* Also, an older review I’m not sure I ever mentioned here, of Geoffrey G. O’Brien’s Metropole, which is an incredible collection that moved my brain around. I’m going to return to this one for years, & you will too.

* If you’re not tired of me occasionally popping up out of my apartment to have half-ideas about literature, there’s yet another article in the current issue of Mantis, in which I muster up some thoughts to do justice to the fantastically bizarre The Bugging Watch & Other Exhibits by Kim Gek Lin Short, which is out at Tarpaulin Sky. It’s delightful, & full of nooks & crannies in which are hiding even smaller objects that’ll shake you up.

* That is all.


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