In the Meantime, Here Are Things.

January 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Until such times as I can get back to the serious business of blogging (Business Item #1: Books I’ve Read in the Bath), here are some links to tide you over since, if you’re anything like me, you’re snowed in & have, in the last several weeks, made every winter cocktail possible within your limited budget & are looking for some other shit to do.

* My wonderful Sewanee friends Michelle Chan Brown, Lisa Fay Coutley & Nick McRae have poems up at the Country Dog Review. You will want to read them immediately.

* Do yourself a favor & check out the new issue of Devil’s Lake. I recommend starting with Corey Van Landingham’s “The Architecture of the Fathers,” which is surreal & strange & lovely.

* Here’s one such delicious winter cocktail, from Ms. Rachel Maddow herself. I have made approximately a bazillion of these so far this winter. I’ve tried it with both Speyburn & Johnnie Walker Red (ca-ching!), & maybe my tastes just aren’t as sophisticated but I liked the latter better. Still, I’m going to keep trying because I’m pretty much out of things on my to-do list except this last one that says “Impress Rachel (winkey face).”

* The new issue of Salt Hill is out, & you should get it. I’ve read the poetry in there from cover to cover (see: blog post, Books I’ve Read in the Bath [forthcoming]) & it’s an incredible issue. I’m honored to have my little platypus poem in it with the likes of Ben Mirov, Zachary Schomburg, Nate Pritts, etc. It’s just a straight-up fabulous read. Once I’m done rereading it I’m going to put it under my pillow & wait for it to turn into a sweet dream or a handful of snow or something.

* Don’t look now, but there’s a new issue of The Cupboard, everyone’s favorite quarterly prose pamphlet/chapbook series! But don’t take my word for it. Subscribe to their mailing list, like them on F’book, or best yet, pick up their issues here or at AWP, where I have it on fairly good authority that they’ll be giving out something pretty awesome with their issues (hint: it’s small, & it isn’t a pony).

* The sweet people over at the Cincinnati Review blog have sweet things to say about my poem here and here. I have by far less interesting things to say about it here. I’m pumped to read their next issue when it comes my way.

* Another Maddow cocktail classic I’ve been making quite a bit is the Old Fashioned, both her way & the Wisconsin way. I may have ordered a muddler from Amazon late at night while sipping on a drink I muddled with the back end of a knife handle.

* What? O, you want to know where you can get your own muddler? I know, sometimes I wish I were as cool as me too. Just, whatever you do, don’t get a lacquered muddler. I hear those things are bad news.


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