Is Anyone Else Confused By This.

October 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Every time the New York Times asks me to pay for the privilege of reading it, I get a little confused by the image they’ve chosen to represent “missing out.” I can only assume they expect us to complete the caption as, “Don’t Miss Out…like these cars in the background are missing out by not being in these awesome outfits,” & not the other way around.

It’s only slightly less confusing that this is the only image I’ve ever seen them use for this “Don’t Miss Out (On Paying Us)” message. Speaking of missing out, they totally missed an opportunity to replace this strangely ambiguous photo with one of Jon Huntsman watching this week’s GOP debate from his anemic boycott headquarters in New Hampshire, with the caption “Scruples? Schmuples. Become a subscriber.” Quick, the NYTimes, you’ve got about ten more seconds before this joke ceases to be topical/the GOP has its eleventy-fifth debate.

I’m here, the Times. Hire me whenever you want.

(Until then, the real way to not miss out no matter where you live or how you’re dressed is to delete the string of gobbledy-gook after the “.html” bit in the article’s URL & hit return. Now you can read the New York Times for free like it’s 2010.)





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