Now That My Blog Hits Have Dropped Back to Their Usual Numbers.

September 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

I can finally post pictures of nachos in lieu of opinions. Because let’s be honest, any time I do anything else, it’s dishonest.

The above nachos were made possible by leftover chili that Adam & I made while he was in Madison this past week. Also on the menu were breakfast tacos with homemade tortillas & salsa & eggs/bacon from the farmer’s market, a random potato/beet/egg scramble, & $10 12-packs of Leinenkugel, because provided you can make it to the liquor store before 9pm, that’s a thing in the great state of Wisconsin.

Stay tuned for our second collaborative chapbook effort, Bag of Chili. It’ll be chili in a bag & you’ll love it for how brazenly it defies any kind of poetry/fiction classification. Binaries: smash them.

In real news, there are some [SPOILER ALERT]s up at The Literary Review, which is a great looking journal. You can read our pieces for free online but you should pick up the issue anyway because it’s quite attractive & you’re going to need something to read in the bathroom after you finish Bag of Chili.

If you want to know more about Wisconsin, A. has some thoughts. I have considerably fewer thoughts. Mostly I’m trying to avoid getting doored on my bike while drinking a microbrew on my way to get cheese curds.


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