This Is A Thing About Things About Which I Am Excited.

August 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’m staving off tiny loneliness pangs (befriended, cocktailed, Farmers Market’d, well-furnished & happy pangs, of course) by populating this entry with links to the exciting things friends have done recently. With the constant production of good work from great people appearing on the interwebs, I never get a chance to feel truly isolated. I’m grateful for that.

* My very good friend & best drinking buddy Dane Wisher has moved far away to Qatar & started a blog about it. Its inaugural entry strikes just the right balance between introspection & observation, between snark & sentimentality, & it’s a delight to read. It’ll do you good, especially since where the fuck are you anyway, the couch? You might as well be reading it.

* The lovely Miss Chloe Honum has two poems in the Missouri Review Online. I was lucky to be workshop-mates with Chloe at Sewanee, where she proved to be both charming & tolerant of the occasional bouts of yelling to which I am (apparently) prone. She’s also a proud new puppy owner, so. Cute points.

* Speaking of Chloe, we both have poems in the new issue of LIT, which is well worth picking up, both for her poems & for all the other great stuff in the issue. LIT is a journal that always hits the spot for me, & I’m honored to have a couple of poems in there, alongside a great bunch of folks. Shane Jones’s surreal & prescient apocalypse-via-hurricane piece, “Village of Underwater Pipes,” is one of my favorites, so read that one first. My poems are notable for not being surreal or prescient, though I was thinking about last spring’s BP oil disaster when I wrote one of them. You can tell by the way it’s not at all about the BP oil disaster.

* Two chapbooks you buy & read, immediamente: In the Carnival of Breathing by Lisa Fay Coutley & The Clever Decoys by Michelle Chan Brown. ITCOB is a surreal house of mirrors masquerading as more formal read with straightforward concerns: family, water, the lyric narrative. The images are surprising & the language is urgent. The Clever Decoys is voice, is edge, & is reappearing later in the year as part of a full-length collection through Kore Press. It’s Prufrock on crack. It’s deadly personal. I’m so glad I got to know these ladies in Tennessee. You want to put their words inside your brain.

* There’s a new issue of The Cupboard, everyone’s favorite pamphlet. Just having The Cupboard spruces up your home, as you can see here. My kitchen table has never looked better. But don’t take my word for it; get you one.

* You’ll want to check out the first-ever issue of the Owl Eye Review, captained by friend & former fellow-Houstonite Austin Tremblay. I’m honored to be included. The issue is lovely & it’s all the words you can eat for free.

* Well, that was exhausting. I’m sorry I’m such a this:



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