Avalanche, etc.

July 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

These Are The Things That They Are

* I’m making a big move from Texas to Wisconsin in mid-August, the anticipation of which has dissolved me into a puddle of half-finished To Do lists & beer sweat. But while I fall apart people in the world are doing excellent things & you should know about them.

* Fellow Houstonite (though not—sniff!—for long) Samuel Amadon’s new website is pretty snazzy. Check it out, & then join the rest of us as we wait eagerly for The Hartford Book.

* Soon-to-be-fellow Madisonian/former Jay C. and Ruth Halls Poetry Fellow Rebecca Hazelton Stafford has a lovely blog you should be reading. She has arms & legs & stuff too, I assume, but since I’ve not yet met her in the flesh I can’t be sure. I look forward to joining her in Madison & reporting back because inquiring minds, etc.

* Aside from her poems being bomb & us having the same fellowship, a fellowship which they—maybe a little to my embarrassment—really prefer we refer to by its full name, Ms. R. Hazelton Stafford’s recent blog posts reminded me of Nick Cave & his dark darkness, delightfully. You now have her to thank for this brief respite from the relentless linking.

* Because “when I am on a pedestal, / you did not raise me there.” I did it myself, via shameless self-promotion. As in…

* There’s an interview with me & Adam about [Spoiler Alert] over at a very cool blog about collaboration, We Are Homer. Many thanks to the poet Traci Brimhall for her interest in our little chapbook, & also congratulations to her & Brynn Saito, whose collaborative chapbook Bright Power, Dark Peace will also be coming out from The Collagist/Dzanc Books. As chapbook parents, Adam & I are glad [Spoiler Alert] has some nice kids to play with on the playground.

* The best/only review of the interview mentioned above comes from Dave Madden, who really gets at the heart of the advantages of collaborative writing when he writes in the annals of Twitter, “Look how self-satisfied 50% of you look in that photo!” Dave has a book on taxidermy called The Authentic Animal coming out in August which you can pre-order here. I look forward to ordering it so I can offer my review of 100% of his author photo, which I’m sure is 100% better than ours, as it’s about 98.8% impossible for it not to be.

* Speaking of taxidermy, my stepsister Laura just launched a sweet blog about other arts you can do yourself. It’s a good read, & includes adorable pictures of my little nephew Spencer, who spent a week earlier this month working through the existential confusion of his mom & me sharing a name (“Wawa”).

* More existential confusion: today at Kroger, the cashier remarked incredulously at my name, the way a lot of people do (“Your name is Laura Ingalls?”). The answer is something like yes, but no, but yes. Then she said, “And you live on Nottingham Road?” Though I no longer do, that’s what it says on my driver’s license. I have never been less sure that I wasn’t just a character in a book. Frankly, I’m shocked she let my probably imaginary ass buy beer.


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