June 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

* No matter how clever it seems, you should never get a tattoo of an asterisk.

* The new issue of the Cincinnati Review is banging down your door. Better let it in. There’s good stuff from good people in there. My poem has the word “who” in it 54 times. My Grandma likes it. Also, a nice lady from the journal blogged about it here. How nice of her to notice my thing for owls. I have a thing for owls.

* Friend & soon-to-be fellow Madisonian Willie Lin has a lovely new poem up at Anti-.

* Speaking of owls, the summer issue of Camera Obscura has one on the cover, & inside’s a story from one Mr. Adam Peterson. You should read it. It’ll make you cry. And that’s just the pull quotes.

* Also up are pieces from Adam’s Sire Lines project here, here and here. I added to the project by flying in the face of the Oxford comma just now. You’re welcome, America.

* I read Goodbye, Columbus yesterday & it’s pretty good. Who knew Philip Roth could write.

* My garage-apartment neighbors’ dog just had eleven puppies. Does that count as a publication announcement?

* So it’s come to this.


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