And If You Don’t Know, Now You Know.

May 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

Good news. Adam‘s & my chapbook manuscript [Spoiler Alert] won the chapbook competition over at The Collagist, & we’re pretty flabbergasted & honored. Our theory is that they read the title, got scared, & stopped reading because they didn’t want to ruin it for everyone. In the meantime, you should check out the newest issue of The Collagist because it does the opposite of ruin. Except for fellow Houstonite Russel Swensen, whose poems will wreck a little something in you, in that way you like best.

If you want a little preview of [Spoiler Alert] because you’re all make my day & whatnot, there’s one up in the current issue of Sixth Finch. It’s about the apocalypse. So it’s topical.

You can now look forward to this blog devolving into a home for sporadic [Spoiler Alert] updates & grammar mistakes as I continue to try to figure out the right way to use the possessive for two people (“Mine & Adam’s”? “Adam & myself”? “Rollin’ two deep”?). I’m sorry.

To make it up to you, here’s the last track of “The Notorious xx,” which is just great if you’re a person who wants to listen to rap & read poems at the same time, which I am.


§ One Response to And If You Don’t Know, Now You Know.

  • Stella Marr says:

    Spoiler Alert is an absolutely gorgeous poem. You gave me goosebumps while talking about the moon shooting lasers. How did you do that?

    “Someone wonders if the sun will fight for us” — amazing line

    Congratulations on winning the contest. Smart people they have judging the contest, after reading SPoiler Alert I know they read the poem. XOXO

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