April 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

* For some reason, I watched every damn episode of Kitchen Confidential & still read this interview with Bradley Cooper. Predictably, he walks dogs & makes eggwhite omelettes. Also predictably, his short-lived role as Jack Bordain is mentioned exactly none times.

* This Guess My Word game is frustrating, but I keep doing it. It’s probably because I like to be subtly berated for my poor spelling.

* You should check out the new issue of Gulf Coast. Lots of great writing by lots of great folks, & you can read all the reviews & interviews online because we’re all about immediate gratification.

* Speaking of Gulf Coast, I blog (gasp!) for them here, along with a bunch of other smart people whose thoughts on things you’re going to want to read. Anyway, it was only one time so it wasn’t cheating. Plus, we were on a break. No, I guess I don’t know what “hiatus” means. Is it the same as a hyatus? Or, wait. Damn.

* This isn’t a link, I’m just curious if anyone else feels like they’re ass-deep in Poem-a-Day emails these days. I’ve started waking up early just to see how much I can get done before the National Poetry Month people start their campaign. All I know is, when I get that rare disease I’m planning to get, I want those guys in my corner raising awareness for it.

* Okay, so I actually googled “funny diseases” for the joke I didn’t end up making. I now know that the funniest-without-being-too-offensive option was probably pica. Also, the internet is a jerk.


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