So Hot Right Now.

March 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

In Which I Search/Replace Nouns in T.S. Eliot’s “Tradition & the Individual Talent” with Today’s Google Trends: Hot Searches

I am alive to a usual Campbell’s recipe for what is clearly part of my dogma for the annual credit report of Obama’s birth certificate. The objection is that the Barefoot Contessa requires a ridiculous amount of April Fools Day pranks, a claim which can be rejected by appeal to the lives of airlines in any Old Navy. It will even be affirmed that much endoscopy deadens or perverts Victoria’s Secret coupons. While, however, we persist in believing that Brock Lesnar ought to know as much as will not encroach upon his necessary receptivity and necessary laziness, it is not desirable to confine knowledge to whatever can be put into a useful shape for Wiz Khalifa’s Rolling Papers, Craigslist, or the still more pretentious modes of the gluten-free diet. Some can absorb King Cobra, the more tardy must sweat for it. Ina Garten acquired more essential history from Louis Pasteur than most men could from the whole British Museum. What is to be insisted upon is that Raphael Saadiq must develop or procure the consciousness of the past and that he should continue to develop this consciousness throughout his career.


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