Covering for You, Too.

January 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

This cover comes to you courtesy of my constant trawling for new Devon Sproule material to steal. I first saw Devon at her CD Release Party for Upstate Songs at Live Arts in Charlottesville, when I was but a wee high school junior. Her then-new-boyfriend, now-hubby Paul Curreri opened. Two things happened after that: I listened to “Greenville” & “Plea for a Good Night’s Rest” on repeat for the next 36 hours, & I started playing guitar seriously. If you don’t count breaks for lunch, neither of these things has stopped.

Last week I fell in love with this Matty Charles tune (even if she isn’t playing it on her fuh-reaking vintage Gibson ES-series, sigh). The song, like almost all of what she chooses to cover & many of her originals, sounds familiar, classic, like you’ve known it forever. After hearing it once, I wasn’t sure how I’d ever done without it.

You can listen to Matty Charles’ lovely original here, & here for my barely-there whisper of an homage.


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