Covering for You.

January 3, 2011 § 1 Comment

For my birthday, I got this sweet little setup (thanks, Mom!), & lately I’ve been using it to mark time between useful activities. Initially, I thought I’d do some kind of Cover A Day situation to keep myself blogging, but that was before I realized that if I let myself do this every day, I’ll never do anything else. So instead, you’ll get the occasional cover, with the original if it’s to be found on the internet. The arrangements, unless otherwise specified, are mine, but that doesn’t mean much. Really, as someone who primarily arranges rather than writes, I mean to participate in the tradition of changing & honoring something at the same time, as best I can, & with all the admiration in the world for good songwriting.


This may have been the first song I learned on ukulele, & aside from the obligatory Beirut, a Magnetic Fields/Jens Lekman mash-up & a Randy Newman tune, continues to be the only thing I actually know well enough to play. I owe my ever having learned it to Elena Belyea, who exploded in my direction once with a directive to learn it so she could sing it. I only listened to the actual song once or twice, which accounts for the little differences in chord structure; I have nothing to add, I’m just straight-up forgetful. Anyway, it’s a great tune—who hasn’t been the bad comedian—& I hope you like it. Click the link below to listen. I think. I think it works that way.


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