Small Books By Good People.

December 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

This chapbook will punch you.* It’ll arrive on your doorstep like a census-taker, ask you where you’re weakest, & then it’ll let you have it. Alabama Steve is such a brute force, he’s already punched you, you just may be a person who doesn’t know it yet. I didn’t, until I opened this on the floor of the airport as I charged my iPod at 5:30am. Immediately I became aware of a place where a punch had been. Alabama Steve has his own Facebook profile, his own blog, & everything about him that isn’t an intricate web of social networking hype is fists. But it doesn’t matter what I think. While I was in Virginia, my mom picked Alabama Steve up off the nightstand, & read “My 3rd Appointment with the University’s Writer in Residence” (one of my personal faves). “It’s funny! I like it,” she said, holding onto her guts because she’d just been punched. So there you have it. Go get you one.

* I don’t think I’m saying this just because I’ve spent the last two weeks playing with Ms. McGlynn‘s two gigantic cats, though they will punch you with cuteness.

I endorse calling things pamphlets because who doesn’t like a tricky “ph” word, & also, it’s never bad when awesomeness fits in your pocket. Don’t have pockets? This book knows why, & can probably teach you how to make them. Because this book is like Wendy in Peter Pan, & it knows more than you do, but it will lead you kindly through everything & in the end, you’ll have pockets. It has MILFs. It has pyromaniacs. & for you old-fashioned types, it even has a rock-climber. Are you happy now? You should be. It’s new. It’s from The Cupboard. Order one now, or better, subscribe.


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