December 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hoostown has been on a sort of hiatus in Virginia over the break. Mostly what this has meant is movies & what has apparently become, for me, super confusing driving. (Where are the freeways? Why isn’t everything designed to make getting on & off the interstate easier than falling over? What are these hills?) Posts concerning what I read & saw in Virginia are forthcoming. It’s clear I have nothing to write in this blog anymore, so I don’t want to completely blow my wad, though I will continue to delight you with unexpected vulgarities like “blow my wad.”

There’s this issue of my love-affair with airports & how they seem to want to keep me in them. Yesterday I was bumped off my non-stop return flight to Houston, given a travel voucher & a meal voucher, & booked on a later flight to Houston via North Carolina. I’m not complaining. (Though I was, & apologies to those of you I texted. I should know by now that just because I keep having snarky things to say doesn’t mean I should keep saying them. My phone battery keeps trying to tell me this.) Anyway, I learned some things.

For instance, I was given a $12 food voucher. First of all, $12 is probably more than I spend on any one meal ever. In an airport, I believe I can get a sandwich & a bag of chips. Or I can do what I did, & buy this:

My reasoning was that I wasn’t hungry anyway so I’d use the $12 to go grocery shopping at Hudson News. I thought $12 would go reasonably far. Altoids because of the tin. Hot Tamales because, well, come on. They’re delicious. & 5-Hour Energy because of that 2:30 feeling. & maybe Combos or off-brand Chex Mix or something.

$12 got me these things & nothing more. Which is fine, because I’m eating one of them for breakfast. But jeez. I now feel like going out & buying the biggest thing I can for $12 just to take a picture of it for this blog. On the upside (& since when was this ever the downside? I’m now up Altoids, Hot Tamales & 5-Hour Energy), that airport carpet is pretty great. I particularly like the spontaneous brushes of khaki over the darker shit-brown. Or is it spontaneous brushes of shit-brown over khaki? I don’t know.

Stay tuned for more evidence of me scraping the bottom of the barrel for things to blog about.


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