Sometimes I Get Out of the House.

October 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

The other day I went to a reading that was pretty poorly publicized.  There was an email sent out the morning of the reading, & as I walked around the English building that same day I saw a handful of flyers slapped over top of other flyers & class cancellation notices, all with urgent fonts that might as well have said WE FORGOT TO TELL YOU ABOUT THIS SO PLEASE DO US ALL A SOLID & SHOW UP.  All I could think of was this video, & how I hoped Fred Armisen was the one who posted the flyers.

It also reminds me of a gig a friend & I played together at an art opening.  We were situated in front of a computer with a screen saver that flashed the name of the law firm inside which the opening was being held.  We must’ve done well because the screen saver kept changing, & only into the happy colors.

Just be glad you’re getting this post, & not the post I’d initially planned about how I started playing guitar because I thought it’d make me all beautiful.  I was going to post a bunch of videos of beautiful guitar players & then a picture of me in my pajamas in my office chair eating rice cakes.  It would’ve been tragic.


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