I’m All Out of Links/Lynx Puns.

October 15, 2010 § 1 Comment

Or am I?

Things That Are Better Than What I Just Did There

* Octopus #14 is out, & featuring long poems by the likes of lots of smart folks, including one Mr. Sam Amadon.  His poem is so good I’ve been pilfering bits of it, knowingly & un-, since I read it for the first time in workshop last semester.  “…like it’s pleasure / to move like it’s pleasure / to remain still / in each instance we believe a pleasure / exists / we must ever enjoy / each non / contingent like crème de la crème crème de / crème crème de la crème crème…” Go get you some.

* Speaking of the eight-legged—O awkward segue—my (little) manuscript was a finalist at Octopus Books.  I’m surprised, honored, & frankly shocked that anyone wants to read anything that has to do with me talking about digging around inside my chest to find the owls.

* Jonathan Lethem talks in a really lovely way about novel writing & writer’s block:

Writing is not a…you’re not on a, um, journey that’s been charted for you externally.  There’s no map.  There’s only you & your own set of impulses.  The only directive is to care immensely about stuff that no one else could possibly understand, let alone care about as deeply as you do, & probably wouldn’t even be able to grasp, except if you accomplish the task of making yourself into the writer that could bring it forth.

* Yo, Karen O.  Maps.

* Caketrain Issue 08 is available for pre-order, which you should do even if for no other reason than the cover art is really freaking sweet.  I can’t wait to get my hands on it.  I have three short-shorts in it that mostly have to do with war & global warming & how little I know about both of these things.

* My brother’s photography website is [whatever the kids are saying].  I was going to go with “dope” or “off the [something]” but the insecurity.  Anyway, it’s great & you should visit it.  He got all the art-genes, so forgive me if all I can think of to say about it is that he has this knack for giving objects character, personality, a kind of quirky smirk.

* While googling Seth’s website, I came across another Seth Engel who writes for the Huffington Post, & is also from Virginia.  Don’t remember what democracy looked like in 2008?  Now you can relive it through the eyes of someone who isn’t my brother.  You’re welcome.


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  • Caroline says:

    caketrain! you’re in caketrain! you rock, laura eve. they are in pittsburgh, my city now. and they were just at this amazing event, called the small press festival. i was there with the oakland review, carnegie mellon’s lit journal. it was a swell event. i am so glad to see you in caketrain’s book though. i will definitely pick up a copy. how is everything else in your world?

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