Things People Do: Review for Gulf Coast.

October 10, 2010 § Leave a comment



In Which I Try to Rope My Two Readers (Hi, Mom!) Into Sending Me Stuff

Gulf Coast loves reviews of all kinds, but particularly those that treat first or second books of emerging writers, or small(er) presses*.  Gulf Coast really, really loves review-essays: longer pieces that treat several books together, either because they’re coming from the same exciting press about which you’d like to say some things, or because they’re illustrative of a larger trend or theme that interests you.

Gulf Coast also features interviews with writers we like.  We like it even more when you conduct interviews & send them to us.

You can find interviews & single book reviews in our current issue & back issues.  For a solid example of the review-essay format, check out at Irene Keliher’s piece in issue 21.2.

If you’re interested in any of the above, please shoot me an email at lauraevee (dot) gmail (dot) com, or simply use our online submissions manager to send us your work.

You have things to say about things you read.  You should say them.  The sooner, the better, which I know I don’t have to say to you because you’re already writing me an email with a review pitch.

*Reviews of Franzen’s Freedom will be returned, unopened.


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