No Offense.

September 15, 2010 § 1 Comment

After a weekend of football & bar food, I return to the internets & this miserable blog to catch up on what I missed, which was apparently nothing, because apparently America is made out of linebackers & timeouts.  Apparently the Tea Party is 1-0 in week one.  Apparently John Boehner’s running pass interference.  Am I using these words right?  I don’t know.

In Which I Search/Replace Words in This Piece of Lit. Crit. With Football Words I Learned This Weekend

Many of the problems in the offense may be viewed as the inevitable outcome of a 4-3 defense taken as a 3-4 defense. The raw material hardly seems to matter anymore: for hysterical screen passes, everything; for holding, nothing much. The fetishisation of zone defense simultaneously assuages and aggravates the anxiety that coverage might not be real work. McGurl writes of the offense as a manifestation of ‘the American Dream of perfect passing plays’. Taken as an end in itself, a pump fake is surely sensed, even by those who pursue it, as a somehow suspect project, demanding shame and Miles Austin.


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