The Ongoing Inception Reception.

August 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

My favorite panel (so far) of the Scrooge McDuck & the Beagle Boys comic from which Christopher Nolan may have stolen Inception.

Poor Scrooge McDuck.  Poor Christopher Nolan.

When I was six, I wrote a story about this bunch of fairies on an island.  It was self-published, by which I mean it was crayon-illustrated & bound in cardboard & wallpaper.  I’ve always been pretty sure that I stole the story wholesale from a cartoon.  So.  When fairies on an island turn up in my manuscript, Fairies on an Island, & my manuscript turns up as a prize-winning book of poems, at least I’m protected by the following: when it comes to ripoffs, you can’t copyright an idea, only an expression of an idea. Fauxetry, schmauxetry.  Poems & cartoons?  Everyone knows it’s like comparing people to ducks.

Or maybe to avoid the whole thing I’ll just call my manuscript Too Many Coffee Mugs. You can’t be too careful.


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