Drunk Sonnet.

April 5, 2010 § 1 Comment

I saw “Greenberg” & then came home & drank half a bottle of wine (I’m a lightweight) & these are the results.  I am, it should be said, both drunk & following the likes of Blake Butler & Sean Lovelace, neither of whom I know personally, nor do I know Mr. Daniel Bailey, & I planned on making this a good Fuck You (not to Misters Butler, Lovelace or Bailey but in general sometimes it’s nice to perform a well-executed Fuck You*) by not wearing pants but I forgot & I’m wearing pants O well.

*Sober Editor’s Note: Based on an email I got from a friend this morning regarding the “Fuck You,” I feel compelled to clarify that I was delighted last night, not in a Fuck You mood at all, & meant only that it’s good to practice well-executed Fuck Yous, as your having to use them at some point down the line is probably inevitable.  (& honestly, I just really, really wanted to link to that future girlfriend story.)


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