Things Computers Mean We Can Say.

March 1, 2010 § 1 Comment

Today the sky is it’s just my CAPS-lock for emphasis I’m not really yelling at you.


When she gets home he isn’t there and the I clicked the Publish Comment button a bunch and nothing happened but what if my comment suddenly appears fourteen times how will you know I’m not annoying or just an idiot happens inside her chest.


I’m checking all my recovered MS Word files from my improper shutdown against all my saved MS Word files to make sure I didn’t lose anything important is the face she has to keep from making when he comes home without saying where he’s been.


It’s a tense quiet like two people who aren’t talking and know they’re not talking because they’ve both Twittered about it but they never address it and so never come to any resolution because neither one wants the other one to know that even though they’ve unfollowed and unfriended each other they’re still checking for updates.


The sex that night is a little too ‘You have watched 72 minutes of Mega Video today’ right in the middle of a good movie.


How did it get so even though it interests me I won’t ever read your blog because I know you have a stats counter and I don’t want to give you the satisfaction between them?


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