Some Things You Should Be Listening To.

February 18, 2010 § 2 Comments

Leonard Steinberg, Historian

A character of the inimitable Claire Epstein’s, Leonard sprung from the loins of YWW counselor meeting, & has gone on to detail many important histories.  If it weren’t for Leonard, we’d still be in the dark about laundry, animals, & most recently, Abraham Lincoln.  Abraham Lincoln didn’t want to lead the country into war because  “he knew what it was like to get shot in the head & killed for no reason.”  If this fact surprises you, you should pay Leonard a visit.

Little Joy

I love this shot-in-8mm video almost as much as I love this album.  Nostalgic.  Melodic.  (Sometimes I catch myself thinking a song must be a cover if it has a real melody.  Then I get sad about pop music.)  The lady-singer sounds like a slightly more sophisticated Moe Tucker (or like that Yo La Tengo song that also sounds like Moe Tucker…I’ve always got an ear out for vibrato-less lady-singers…blog post pending).   My copy of the album is already scratched from overuse (or perhaps from my less-than-satisfactory CD filing system, which lives under my station wagon’s emergency break).  If you’re as behind the times as I am & didn’t get this album two years ago, you should get it now.

My Neighbors

What they’ve played so far: The Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love,” Pink Floyd’s “Money,” The Rolling Stones’ “Honkey-Tonk Women.”  I’m predicting that up next will be some combination of Tom Petty’s “Running Down a Dream,” CCR’s “Bad Moon Rising” & Steely Dan’s “Rikki Don’t Lose That Number.”  If you didn’t already wish you lived on Euclid Street, you do now.


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