CBS Scares.

December 24, 2009 § Leave a comment

In order to write this post, I have to publicly admit that I watch How I Met Your Mother.  Which I do, & proudly (at least, until these last two seasons, which haven’t been so up-to-par, but aw, Jason Segel, who could stay mad at you?).  Still, I’m a loyal viewer of those few shows I loyally view.  & it was while watching the most recent episode of H.I.M.Y.M. that I saw this:

I was puzzled, so I researched, which is helpful to do when puzzled.  & bingo-voila-jackpot!  CBS is hard at work not leaving anybody out:

At first, I thought this PSA was a joke.  The more I saw it—the Christmas version aired four times while I watched the episode online—the more I was inclined to believe it takes itself seriously.  Turns out, both versions are for real.  Hilarious, but for real.

CBS, I think, may have the best of intentions, but really?

Unless you have your lady’s special calendar handy—you know, the one with the skull & crossbones drawn on it every 28 days or so—you shouldn’t be scheduling anyone’s pap smear.   (& I’m not talking about the virus-turns-people-into-(arguably)-zombies flick.)  Couldn’t you just remind her to schedule it herself?

& everyone knows all Christians are gorgeous blonds & all Jews sound like Gilbert Godfried, but why O why, CBS, do you have to rub it in?  It’s the holidays, for Christ’s sake.  Just let us play with our menorahs, which we fill every year with lighter fluid & then dance around yodeling & making menorah-related puns as it bursts into flame.

Just the same, it would be kind of awesome if Santa could deliver the gift of a pap smear, something I never would’ve considered if I hadn’t seen this PSA.  Thanks, CBS, for allowing me to imagine the possibilities.

Next year’s CBScares campaign features “A Colonoscopy for Thanksgiving,” starring Michael Douglas.  &, to be sure everyone is covered, “A Colonoscopy for Canadian Thanksgiving,” starring Alan Thicke.

(I have to say, I’ve written an inordinate amount of junk about Jewish-stuff of late.  It doesn’t go unnoticed.  I’ll stop soon.  I promise.)


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