No New Tacos.

December 18, 2009 § 2 Comments

Two nights ago, at a little taco place in the Heights, the curator of the Stock Photography Museum & I had the distinct & unexpected pleasure of eating dinner mere feet away from George H.W. Bush & his wife, Barbara.  The inside of the restaurant was such a picture of anti-chaos, everyone self-consciously minding his or her own beeswax and looking engrossed in his or her own plate, that it took us a little while to even realize things had taken a turn for the presidential.  There were a couple of unobtrusively placed secret service agents.  Mr. Bush walked with a cane.  Mrs. Bush helped her husband with his jacket as they were leaving the restaurant.  We were sitting too far away from him to read his lips, but the tacos were delicious.

After the 41st President of the United States & I parted ways, I took a little opportunity to learn some things about my dinner-date.  Here are some things I realized, with numbers in front of them.

I’ve Never Before Eaten Tacos in the Same Room As Someone Who Has…

1.  …debated Geraldine Ferraro on TV.

2.  …run for anything against Pat Robertson.

3.  …a “vision thing.”

4.  …shaken hands with Mikhail Gorbachev.

5.  …a good 20-minutes of 90s Dana Carvey stand-up devoted to impersonating him.

6.  …vomited on the Japanese Prime Minister.  (Thanks, A.)

7.  …bombed Baghdad.


§ 2 Responses to No New Tacos.

  • Seth says:

    But didn’t you have tacos with Outkast that one time?

  • hoostown says:

    I figured you’d bring that up. I guess I should have called the list “I’ve Never Before Eaten Tacos in the Same Room As Someone Who Has…& Isn’t Named Andre 3000.”

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