On The Road Again.

December 5, 2009 § Leave a comment

Saw The Road last night, & think its greatest achievement is a formal one.  Director John Hillcoat’s formal constraint was a decision to use in the film only the colors used on the cover of McCarthy’s novel.  The notable exception to this color scheme was the scene in which Viggo Mortensen wrenches a single, dust-covered Coke can from a vending machine in a post-apocalyptic mall, which he then passes to his son.  They discuss the Coke for several minutes.  The bubbles are delightful.  & the Coke, vivid against the rest of the film’s color scheme, is red.  This provides contrast, tension, & meaning, & is a little reminiscent of the girl with the red dress in Schindler’s List.  Only, instead of being a symbol of blood shed in the Holocaust, it’s a Coke.

Also, it appears the only black person to have survived the apocalypse is Michael K. Williams.  Were there to be an actual apocalypse, it wouldn’t surprise me if he were the last man standing.


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