Open Letter to Emails.

December 4, 2009 § 1 Comment

Re: Emails.

Dear Emails,

You take a lot of time for me to do.  In the time it takes for me to do you, here are some other things I could have done: showered, made myself a scrambled egg, gone to Target to buy mousetraps and light bulbs, set the mousetraps, changed all the dead light bulbs, waited for the mouse, eaten leftover pie, washed the dishes, heard something in the kitchen that sounded like a mouse & gone to investigate & found nothing, put the dishes away, finally caught the mouse in its trap, taken the mouse outside, done a dance, cranked up the space heater, waited around for the unreplaced light bulbs to die.

I did none of these things.  Instead, you.  I’m telling myself it’s an investment in something I love.

Will you keep me warm when I’m old?

Yours ever,


cc: Netflix, The Internet


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