Words that rhyme with ‘Slacker.’

November 16, 2008 § 3 Comments

“Smack her.”  Ok, that’s two words.  But it’s what your errant blahh-gger deserves for her negligence.

Just a quick maintainance note to assure y’all that I haven’t died, that I’m not on the Mars Life pilot program (the rumors are true!  You heard it here first), that I haven’t even been tragically paralyzed from the wrists down in an accident involving a 3-foot high stack of comp. papers & a blowtorch.

Nope, in the words of my favorite puppet Waffles, I’m stiiiiiill aliiiiiiiive.  But with the rise of end-of-term work, I’m declaring an informal hiatus until early December, when my papers are in, my students are branded, & I’ve gotten through Houston airport security to begin my trip home to Virginny.

If you’re bored & want more of my chocolatey goodness, please feel free to peruse a new blog B. & I are trying out, called Track Marks.  We haven’t really gone “public” with it, but we’d love a trial audience, & tag, you’re it!  So hit it up, & email us with track suggestions if you have them: trackmarked@gmail.com.

I miss you folks, I miss your comments, & I’m thinking of you all (in between shallow, panicked breaths)!

Goodnight, H(y)ouston-town!



§ 3 Responses to Words that rhyme with ‘Slacker.’

  • Jessica says:

    LE – I just wrote a poem, something I haven’t for serious done in a long time, and, this is sort of embarassing, but I wonder if you would read it and help me with it. It’s definately a sort of ugly little monster right now, mismatched and jagged, and ill-formed, but I do think there’s something there, and if there’s anyone who can help me usher it into a better form, I think you can. Anyway, it’s on my blog and if you get a chance, I know you’re busy, but it would mean a lot to me if you could offer a suggestion or two.

  • Jessica says:

    Laura Eve – Thank you soooo much for reading my poem and for your comments, which were very very helpful. I spent much of this post-Thanksgiving meal stupor playing with it, and here’s where I am now: (you don’t have to get back to me on this but of course if you want to I would be thrilled)

    Morning Confession

    metal pierces blushing flesh.
    fingers probe, plunge into the land’s
    heart-shaped child, pry into
    intimate corners, prod
    white fibers and pull forth
    beads of flesh

    they shatter
    are ground to powder
    between coffee-stained teeth

    on the plate a carcass splayed open
    bloodless, vacant, defunct.

  • SJM says:

    There’s an awful lot of no-postin’ goin on in these parts.

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