The Morning After.

November 5, 2008 § 1 Comment

Dems & liberals, all: It’s like waking up, rolling over, & seeing a beautiful woman or man in bed with you with whom you know you want to spend the rest of your life (or at least, the next four years).  Republicans & conservatives: Enjoy your walk of shame.

A day for race, religion, & sexuality, for sure, with some things pro(position 8)gressing more slowly than others.  & what of the poets?

Last night’s election watching party harkened back to the days of yore, when election results were called by 10pm Central Time & the country went to bed sans visions of lawsuits dancing in its collective head.  We had pizza, chicken wings, laptops, & discussions about “Barack Hussein Obama” being the first US president with an iambic name.  It was like Hurricane Ike, plus electricity!

When Obama won, we celebrated P.’s birthday with cake, threw on Al Green & Bob Dylan, popped some champagne & toasted to hope, to pushing 30, to our comp. kids writing better papers now that their president is a better rhetorician.  We went to the Harp at 12:30am, where some kids saw C.’s Obama t-shirt & yelled, good-naturedly, “How’s that taste?”

It tastes good, folks.  It tastes like wings & beer & writers.  It tastes like phone calls streaming in from family.  It tastes like sweat & champagne.  It tastes like a blue Virginia, a blue Harris County, TX.  It tastes like a new dance.

Word from the Gulf.


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  • Caroline says:

    word, laura eve, word.

    in pittsburgh, it tasted like a blue allegheny county and a blue pennsylvania, like chinese food and snickers left over from halloween, it tasted like a mob of college kids running down forbes avenue shouting ‘yes we can, yes we did’, it tasted like cars honking and banging on empty trash cans, it tasted like finally.

    keep blogging, keep teaching, keep writing–you’re so good. i miss you a lot.


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