Track Marks.

November 1, 2008 § Leave a comment

Hoostown is proud to present a new semi-spontaneous moment in its blah-gging endeavors: Track of the Day!  In which I try to pressure as many of you as possible to dig what I’m digging, tucked away amid the Southern urban sprawl.

Today’s gem comes from Captain Obvious, a fabulous music blog that, in addition to indie reviews & revisitings, posts a monthly mix tape & a regular-ish covers mix tape, & keeps me entertained.

The track: Justin Vernon – Hazelton.

Justin Vernon is the heart & guts of the tragically mispronounced Bon Iver, & its single soul-splitting record For Emma, Forever Ago.  I have Captain Obvious to thank for my initial introduction to the record, & I’ve since not been able to stop listening to this guy.

“Hazelton” is all the things I like about Bon Iver — the subdued, melodic momentum & heartfelt, layered vocals — with a softer acoustic element to the instrumentation, a little Mark Kozelek-esque (a la What’s Next to the Moon) in its guitar arrangement.  It’s a beautiful, wintery listen, & enough of a reminder that there’s snow somewhere coming up, even if not in Houston.



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