Warning, Contains Adult Cuntent.

October 2, 2008 § Leave a comment

First things first: POETRY Magazine has published one of our very own!  Five times!  He’s a wonderful poet, & a warm person, & these poems speak somehow to both of those things.  Congratulations, E., we’re so proud!

Secondly (since I’m going to teach my kids how to transition between paragraphs on Friday), how can I get to this level of blah-gger popularity?  Who do I have to film screwing, & then post on CBS?  Maybe I just have to grab work while I can get it at an alt-newsweekly, since “growing [their] online presence” isn’t just a navel-gazing endeavor anymore.  Of course, there’s no security there, either, even if I’m sexy.

Speaking of sexy, didn’t realize I can’t legally buy a vibrator in Texas, unless I plan to use it for educational purposes.  I’m a student, does that cunt?  Er, count?  In the words of Eve Ensler, “Vagina motherfuckers!”

(My apologies for the crassness.  But seriously, Texas.  Cum on, feel the toys!)

In other news, tonight’s Celebrity Deathmatch: Biden v. Palin!  Tune in, politicos & pain-mongers, grammarians & grandmas.  Grab your beer & your favorite sex toy.  We’ll see which one’s the Master Debater.

Or, you could just abstain altogether:


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