Sin – the distinguished precipice.

September 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

(Title courtesy of Emily Dickinson.)

Houston Press has released its long-awaited Best Of 2008 issue, including a sweet endorsement of the Poison Pen Reading Series, which I attended last night.  They were still reeling from their 15 minutes of Houston Press fame, & the reading was great, packed per usual, & I got myself a $2 G&T, which pretty much made my night.

Class has gone wonderfully this past week.  Now that we’ve picked through the first six chapters, we can begin to apply things in hopefully interesting ways; my goal now is to have the kids practice their critical thinking & writing skills as organically as possible, in scenarios they’d be likely to encounter outside of the classroom.  It’s hard not to feel like the classroom is an artificial environment that has nothing to do with the “real world,” & if there’s anything I want for my class to take away from this semester, it’s that the only thing that separates our classroom environment from everyday uses of their minds is the fact that I’m grading them.  & when you think about it, getting a bad grade in school is nothing compared to making a poor critical choice in real life & getting slammed at your job, or at home, or by your HMO.

</soapbox>  Because I look like a motherfucking blogger.

C. & D.’s wedding is coming up, which means I’ll be heading to Virginia next weekend for a whirlwind tour of matrimonial proportions!  Between my new bronze heels, my soon-to-be-FedEx’d bridesmaid’s dress, my beloved Virginia autmn, & my fucking wonderful boyfriend who I haven’t seen in a month & a half, it’s going to be incredible, & necessary.  As much as I dig H-Town, it’s time for a little o’ the Old Dominion.

Not to mention the fact that C. & D. rock, hardcore.  & so does this guy.  & so do these two.

Time to reheat some spicy ginger chick peas (recipe to come!), & get down to brass tacks.  Or just get down.  Because this is how we do in the Dirty South.


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