Bump ‘n Grind.

September 4, 2008 § 3 Comments

Just so’s y’all aren’t worrying about me, the extent of the damage on my car, as seen to the right:

See?  Not a big deal.  & the bite out of the side of my bumper was care of a fabulous fellow who it the car while it was parked, when my brother used to drive it in high school.  Poor Drivers of the World, Unite & Converge on Houston!

Today’s journey involved 59 South, all the way across town to the Hyundai dealership to get a new gas cap.  Heading back, I realized I still haven’t gotten past the giddiness of taking “Downtown” exits to get home.  In the thick of it, we are.

Mark Doty’s giving a reading tonight, from his newest memoir, Dog Years.  I’m beyond psyched, & ready to put on some heels & head downtown, to the Central Library, for the first time since we’ve been here.  There’s been surprisingly little reason to head in that direction, as we live so close to Montrose, where the real action is.

Speaking of action, check out the concert schedule!  After seeing GirlTalk (for the love of god, download Feed the Animals!) in Charlottesville, & having glitter ground into my carpet for the next three months to show for it, I’m obviously heading in that direction again come October.  (Also, if you have & can send me Night Ripper, we need to talk.)

Other musical discoveries: Apparently, there’s a place in town I can go to see real, live folk music.  I’m going to check them out next week, to see Kelly Joe Phelps rip it up.  It’s about time, too, seeing as he’s pretty much single-handedly responsible for making me painfully nostalgic on a regular basis.


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§ 3 Responses to Bump ‘n Grind.

  • yo mamma says:

    DOG YEARS????! he’s reading from DOG YEARS??!!! love that dog (actually, 2 dogs) and that book! details…i want DETAILS!

  • siderealjones says:

    i second the request for details.

    in return, i can send you night ripper. 😛

    (incidentally, i still can’t get past the giddiness of being able to /drive normally/ out 64 west between 4 and 6pm. no rush hour! no rush hour.)

  • siderealjones says:

    (oh em gee, it converted my beloved colon + P into a yellow monstrosity…)

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