Teaching & Punching.

August 29, 2008 § 2 Comments

Teaching went so well this morning, I can’t stop smiling. There are such ups & downs here; one night, I don’t know where my head is or what I’m doing, & six hours later, I am not only handling it, I’m kicking ass & taking grades. Making jokes about Fox news & getting laughs (though how easy is that, really). Making jokes in general…& getting laughs. It’s somehow easier to establish boundaries & still feel close in age to these kids, easier than at Young Writers; I have this magical authority vested in me by the Dry-Erase marker, & yet, it’s still easy to relate to & interact with them from the front of the room.

</self-indulgent rant>

Do html jokes make a blah-gger more savvy? Has savvy replaced sexy on the totem pole of pop-culture values?

Yesterday was S.’s birthday — happy 21st, lil’ brosef! — which gave me an excuse to explore the ritzy shopping that springs up in the middle of Upper Kirby construction. Whole Foods, Borders, veggie restaurants, a veritable cornucopia of bourgeois consumption!

&, back in my neck of the Ward, the run-down & badass, friendly neighborhood post office, where I mailed S.’s present, a letter to M., my official RSVP for C. & D.’s wedding, & B.’s care package, complete with issues of the Houston Press. A good day for mailing; it must be the air.

On the student end, I’ve now had two of my three courses. The two courses, Dickinson & Writers on Literature, have fairly different tones to them, overall, which will make the semester interesting & fun; one is certainly more academic, & the other, more exploratory. Both are lively & interesting, & my classmates are so fucking bright & kind, it’s a pleasure to be in any discussion-oriented class.

If you’ve read any good online articles recently, please pass them my way; I’m looking for more fuel for my freshmen.

& now, to write a cover letter for Gulf Coast. Word from the Southwest.


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§ 2 Responses to Teaching & Punching.

  • yo mamma says:

    the sun gets up, so up with you! up ear number 1, ear number 2! great day for up! sounds like those are some mighty fine teaching shoes…and, if the shoe fits (or the foo sh&#*^)…

    (sighting: mr. d has just left the building)

  • willie says:

    so happy for you — i’d love to read some of your new poems if/when you get around to sending them! xo

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