Oh, the places you’ll bro!

August 24, 2008 § 3 Comments

Readers of the blog-o-sphere, take heed: Under the guise of needing appropriate footwear in which to lay down the rhet. comp. gauntlet, this chick has scored herself some killer shoes.  A Sunday well-spent.

Saturday evening found A. & me ready to spend an evening in, planning & reading & writing.  One all-nighter later, I’ve written my first poem in Houston.  Seems worth noting, as it’s what I’m here for, & all.

Aside from mad sexy heels, today was: driving, snapshots, Pieces of April, Beirut’s “Flying Cup Club,” emails, Chuck Klosterman, coffee, lesson planning, Mark Kozelek.

Think I’ll use this fine piece of editorial work in class on Friday.

& with T-minus one night’s sleep away from diving into the college teaching experience, this gal’s going in search of calming things.  Sadly, formatting photos, trying to seduce del.icio.us into doing my bidding, & mashing my palms against the keypad are falling short of calming.

Sweet dreams, H(you)ston.


§ 3 Responses to Oh, the places you’ll bro!

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