Little Latin Lupe L.E.

August 21, 2008 § Leave a comment

& there you have it, folks: Three intensive days of talking rhetoric, & she’s purportedly ready to command a class. Or, pretend that she’s ready to command it, which I hear is all one really has to do.

Last night, W.D. — fiction Ph.D. student — & I went to Dietrich’s Coffee to work on syllabus & lesson plan business, which was helpful. Good to get organized without the internet (though, disregarding these occasional flirtations with wireless, that’s basically how I’m living these days), & to brainstorm with another confused but otherwise more experienced human being. As of now, my syllabus is almost finalized, & my calendar is eking its way towards completion.

Also, for those of you not living in the tropics, it’s rained quite a bit here recently.  After one particularly bad storm, our tap ran brown water.  Solution?  Propel for everyone.  The locals refer to these sudden downpours as “The Weather,” as in, “Your students will often be late because of The Weather,” or, “They may sometimes cancel classes due to The Weather.”  What The Weather means for me: I’ve had to coordinate all of my outfits with my Doc Martens, as they’re the only hole-free, relatively waterproof footwear I own.

Tonight, W.D. & C. have invited a group of us out to test the waters of local Tex-Mex at a joint called Lupe Tortilla. I’ll be headed out there in a couple hours, but for now, the name of the restaurant reminds me of a little clip I’d like to leave y’all with.

Since when did this become a fascist dictatorship? Since you brought that bullshit tape in.

Love from Tejas, Jack Black-style.


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