August 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

The Teahaus.

Tuesday night finds me in The Teahouse, taking care of the necessaries, such as updating the many complicated U of H databases, bargain-hunting for books, straightening out a (thankfully) erroneous $530 Alltel bill, & grading sample student papers.

Today marked the first day of TA Orientation, which is what they call serving us breakfast to disguise the fact that we won’t have comprehensive health coverage until December. (New football team idea: the Texas Cutbacks. Or band name: the Deficit-tones.) An informative & exhausting day that, in order to keep myself smiling, I like to think of as hours of working that bookended my early evening spent cooking delicious chana masala (pictures to come).

Blogging tonight is a reward for a job, well, done. Here’s some eye-candy for your soul.

The colors, Duke, the colors!

Salsa soup with avocado & cilantro garnish.

Love from Te(a)xas, y’all.


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