Summer, So Far.

June 19, 2014 § 1 Comment


“A juxtaposition of two more or less distant realities.” —Andre Breton

In Brief:

I had great time teaching a class on the surrealist image at Writer House in my wonderful hometown. I taught a riff on it here at Young Writers for our model day, tailored to our summer theme: remix. I called this surrealism-inspired version a “Dreamix.” Naturally.

Even though I’m in Virginia for the summer, Brooklyn Poets is featuring me this week as their Poet of the Week. Click to read my feelings on our recent GOP primary.

I wrote a review of Amy Lawless’s marvelous My Dead, over at Sink Review. It’s a baller issue, as anything that begins with poems by Ben Mirov generally is.

Two years ago, this time, I got an email from Timothy Donnelly telling me he liked one of my poems. Today, it’s up on the internet over at the Boston ReviewIt has trains in it. Go figure.

It’s Counselor Orientation Week at Young Writers, which is one of the longest weeks of the year, and busiest, and sweatiest, and best.

Headstand, Almost.

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Some news is I’ve been working on my headstand. It’s coming along.

Some other news is I’ve been hoarding news to give you in one big digest. Are you ready for it? Here it is.

* In October I’m heading to the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center, where I’ll write things near water until May. I’m excited, and grateful, and contemplating taking the opportunity as a seven-month social media break.

* I have a couple of poems in Night Block‘s second issue, which is very good and you should read it.

* You can start your Night Block perusal with these lovely poems by Chen Chen, who I have not met but will meet in a week because he’ll be at the Tent workshop, where I will also be. It’s been a really long time since I’ve been in a position to think about poetry and Jewishness with folks who are equally excited by that idea (though I’ve been doing a lot of reading in this crazy awesome book on my own). I can’t wait.

* I have a new website! Every bit of it was made by the love of my damn life, Mike Devine, whose Twitter and Tumblr continue to get tons of retweets or notes or internet points or whatever makes things meaningful in this world we live in. Click on them now. You will laugh til you pee.

* Not to bury the lead, but I’m in second place in my Game of Thrones fantasy league by one point. Here’s hoping Tyrion and Oberyn go tell it on The Mountain.

Things That Have Happened, Things That Are Going to Happen

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Issue 7 of Barn Owl Review is ricockulous. Everyone is in it. I can’t even list them all. (Glen Shaheen! Erika Meitner! Corey Zeller! Tyler Mills! & more!) I have a folio of poems in there that happens to accidentally create a little arc wherein my brain turns into a cave.

Ed Mullany’s eerie Figures for an Apocalypse is a winter must-read. I review it over at The Collagist, which is also home to the likes of Janine Joseph’s beautiful poem, “Electromyography.”

I’ve got a lil poem up on the Bushwick Sweethearts Reading Series‘ site, which you can find by clicking on the man in the blue shirt who’s falling with his face away from you. Or you can click here. The poem makes reference to “ice milk,” the existence of which may be corroborated only in a single soft serve machine in Newcomb Dining Hall at UVa.

Some Upcoming Excitements or, Poem-related Activities in Which Some Travel Is Involved, are these:

The New Southern Voices Reading Series in Spartanburg, SC
with the totally extreme Eric Ekstrand!
Friday, March 21 @7pm

UC-Boulder MFA Reading
in which I’ll read some poems in Colorado and talk some about being a post-MFA person in the world
Saturday, March 29 @5pm (location details TBA)

But tonight: nachos forthcoming from the oven at precisely 9pm, in front of which we’ll plant ourselves to watch the True Detective finale, which may or may not make reference to this or this. Fingers crossed.

Drop in the Bucket.

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The Event Barn Owl

If you live in Seattle, you’re not me. But I’ll be at that AWP business, reading off-site at a couple of things and trying to see how many rooms I can get into without a lanyard (for the THRILLLLLLS!!). Details in the above flyers, or below, spelled out more orderly-like for you fools:

Wednesday, 2/26
Birds of a Feather: Barn Owl Review and Thrush
7pm doors; 8pm poetry

Friday, 2/28
THE EVENT: SpringGun, Subito, Timber & Noemi Press

Otherwise, I’ll be like a bird in poetry: all up in it. I’m sure we’ll run into each other.

Tonight Tonight.

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This is happening. You should come.


As Long As I Have You Near Me.

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On the last day of 2013 and after much talk of collaboration, Paul Erik Lipp (Evening Man) and I did this little thing. Now we’re The Old Year and we’re making songs together. Here’s a preview of our sound. For an early V-Day treat, for the Beatles’ 50th, for your ears. We hope you like it.

Food and Frames and Food in Frames.

January 15, 2014 § Leave a comment


Ever since my amazing week in Korea with Seth, I’ve been jonesing for foods wrapped inside of other foods. You can read about the actual details of my trip on Seth’s blog; all I have for you at the moment are my stateside, homemade attempts at food nostalgia.

It should be noted that these are actually Chinese pork dumplings, not Korean mandu; there’s not even a hint of kimchi in the lot of them. But I made them with dough I had leftover from a Korean noodle dish I’d attempted earlier in the week.

Dumpling Soup

My attempt at recreating the dumpling soup we get in Brooklyn Chinatown. Made with homemade chix stock, and sesame oil that was pressed right in front of me in a market in Seoul.


Tuna kim bap, a Korean breakfast staple and a delicious anytime snack. Though it looks like sushi, it has its own distinct flavor and it’s damn delicious.

I too am disturbed by this post’s lack of irony, but I’m genuinely excited about things these days, food and otherwise. The old year was kind to me on its way out, and the start of the new one’s looking pretty good too.

Happy New Year.


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